Laura from Lake Charles stopped by the Gator studio today to claim her 20K home makeover from Relief Windows. She was on a family vacation when she got the news of the win, and as soon as she got back in to town, she was up here ready to claim the prize.

"I did all of the entree options I could"

They must have worked, she's now waiting on Thursday for the team from Relief Windows to come out and show her and her husband all of the options they offer.

"For sure a new front door, the one we have is not in that great of shape. That's at the top of the list"

She't got her list prioritized, although she said her husband seems to have his own list in the making.

Congrats Laura and we were happy to meet Gunner as well. We can't wait to see the amazing job Relief Windows will do for you and your home!

Thatched Cottage
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