A giant hole is usually not a reason to have a date burned in your mind. Then again most giant holes don't have their own Facebook pages either. If you're a resident of Assumption Parish and you lived on or near Bayou Corne August 3rd, 2012 is a date you won't forget. It was on that date four years ago that the Earth seemed to want to swallow itself.

A drilling operation punctured a hole in the roof a salt dome near the bayou. That sent thousands if not millions of gallons of water down a newly created drain. With  the force of the water tree, boats, camps, and homes went along with it.

Now four years later what has happened in an around the now infamous sinkhole?

There is still a voluntary evacuation order in place for a portion of the area.

The words of John Boudreaux Assumption Parish Director of Emergency Operations as told to the Louisiana Radio Network. 

Boudreaux said the sinkhole began as some bubbling that residents along the bayou started to notice several  months earlier. Most residents around the area knew something strange was going on but no one could have ever imagined the spectacle that was about to unfold. The video of trees being swallowed hole is truly incredible. 

The sinkhole changed quite a bit that August 3rd date. And then finally folks got a handle on what was happening because there were two months of a lot of confusion and unknowns.

As far as reparations for damages and losses to the citizen of the area goes, According to Boudreaux, most of the people seem to be okay with the settlements that were offered to them. Texas Brine, the company responsible for the sinkhole, has been making good on fulfilling those settlements.

Many of the residents who were directly affected by the sinkhole have now moved to other areas. Most of those residents have gotten on with their lives. It's a sure bet that they all remember where they were on that most memorable day in August four years ago.