I'll start off by saying I might be from SWLA, but I am no huge expert on boiling crawfish. I am an expert eater, but I might have only boiled a handful of crawfish in my life on this Earth. In fact, I think the last time I did boil crawfish, it was because the two guys boiling for the party I was at ended up getting into the Jell-O shots and passed out before doing the last sack. I know everyone has their techniques out there. Just like any dish we cook in SWLA, you are instantly judged by your style, seasoning, and appearance in delivery. I never judge when it comes to recipes. I believe all food should be tasted at least once, but I still don't think tomatoes go in gumbo.

Going viral currently is a video posted by Crawcaine Seasoning on TikTok. It starts out fairly normal. The crawfish get lifted out of the big boiling pot, poured down the chute, and into an ice chest. As soon as they hit the ice chest, the trash talking starts and so does the part that might make a few traditionalists cringe. You see, a few hands pop out and start pouring seasoning and lemon juice on top of the cooked crustaceans. Both of these things I have seen done time and time again. Suddenly, out comes the mustard. Yep, mustard on top of the crawfish.

I will admit, this isn't a new technique for me. I have watched in shock and horror as I sipped a beverage and witnessed freshly boiled crawfish getting drenched in mustard. I looked at the guy doing it with horror as it was happening. I think what shook me more at the time was that I was in Hackberry, where your crib is more than likely a crawfish pot. After the initial shock, I still ate ten pounds. They were absolutely amazing between the seasoning and the small kiss of mustard that was hardly noticeable at the end. In typical Cajun style, you can hear the trash talking in the background about the technique.

You need to try it. We cook 300-400 sacks a night. When you start doing that then we can talk.

I am not saying this is the perfect way to do your crawfish. I am saying to not knock it till you try it.

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