Be still my nostalgic heart, you can now take a peak inside of the home that was used in the movie Home Alone. It took filmmakers months to find the perfect home as they developed the movie. That was until they found the home we all know and love, and wondered how Kevin's dad afforded it along with first class seats for their trip.

Zillow 671 Lincoln Ave 2

The home is located in Winnetka, IL and boasts 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, and is over 4,200 square feet. According to the listing on, the home is not for sale, but they estimate it to be work over $1.6 million. At only $6,179 a month for mortgage, it's a steal! The part that makes this Zillow article so funny is the realtor-style description of the home. has many large rooms perfect for filling with Christmas decorations and booby traps. The front door has a handle that could potentially be used to burn a home-invaders hand.

So far, I am a buyer at just that description alone!

There is an attic, perfect for sending a small child after having acted like a jerk. Beautiful bathrooms with aftershave. A gorgeous television that plays mafia movies not appropriate for children.

The fact that we now get to take a peak inside of Kevin's house just makes me all nostalgic. I keep waiting to see the pizza guy drive up and hit the statue at the front door even.

Zillow 671 Lincoln Ave 3

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