Getting a cold, for most of us, is a pain in the butt. You feel tired, rundown, and it usually comes with a bonus, a cough. Medicines make you groggy or don't even work, at times. How about a recipe (for you readers that are 21 and over), that can get you back on track, soothe that throat, and take away the cough.

Toddy 2

Some call it a Hot Toddy, but it seems everyone has their own recipe. I decided to look for the recipe, myself, and ended up finding one from the place that loves Bourbon so much, they have a street named for it. The Napoleon House in New Orleans has been around for 200 years. Originally owned by the Mayor of New Orleans, Nicholas Girod, it was named the Napoleon House after Girod offered Napoleon a place to stay after he was exiled. Although Napoleon never made it, the name apparently stuck and has stayed that way since.

For this recipe, you don't need much, just some burbon/whiskey, a lemon, some hot water, and honey.


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