Looking for the perfect place to get crawfish around SWLA?

We searched "Crawfish in Lake Charles" and then we narrowed it down to the businesses that scored 4.5 stars or higher on their Google ratings.

  •  5.0*
    Country Club Crawfish
    Steamboat Bills
    Cravin’ Crawfish And More
  • 4.9*
    Zydeco Crawfish
  • 4.8*
    Crawfish 2 Go
    Tommie's Fish Market
  • 4.7*
    Cody's Crawfish Shop
  • 4.6*
    Leonard's Food Quarters
    Crawfish Boil-N-Go
Boiled Crawfish
Getty Images

Did your favorite place to eat crawfish not make the list?  Comment and tag them on our Facebook post!

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