Traffic was murder at the Louisiana Superdome! I knew it would be a large crown for the Brothers of the Sun tour stop in New Orleans. The crowd was ready for a party and they got one.



Tim in da Dome


The traffic help me up (starting in Baton Rouge) so I missed Jake Owen and Grace potter. Everyone said they were great and I hated missing them. I got to my seat a few times into Tim McGraw's concert. When Tim plays in his home state of Louisiana .... it's always a special night. This one was as special for Tim as it was for the huge crowd. In the middle of Tim's set he was interrupted for a surprise presentation as Tim was inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame! Tim's music was flawless and he was as sharp as ever. He appears to be in great shape also (a fact that did not go unnoticed by the females in the crow).

Kenny Chesney started off by floating in a chair above the Superbowl crowd. Kenney was fired up for his first appearance ever in the dome. You could tell he was loving the crowd that knew the words to all of his songs and sang along. The coolest part of his show was when he brought a little girl on the stage and put a Saints helmet of her head. It was a moment that I am sure she'll never forget.

Both singer's performances were flawless as you would expect from these two. Later in the night as we walked through the quarter I notice a couple of police horses tied up to a hitching post. It made me think of the time when Tim and Kenny two got in trouble for stealing a police car and taking it for a ride. I don't know if the after concert antics are as wild as they used to be; but I can tell you their performances were as good as it gets!



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