The safe, easy, and very quick way of eliminating the pain and swelling of these stinging insects is treat the area with tooth paste!

It works miracles! The quicker you treat the site, the better and you quickly eliminate the pain, and this is a permanent cure.

Any other rememdies?

Denise... If ya go jumping will get stung!

Melissa... Tobacco, toothpaste.

Jason... Baking soda and a lil water

Lindsey... Old copper pennies! Place on the sting it really works!

Stacyjenn... My 6yr old just got sting yest n my husband put his dip on it n covered it w a bandaid calmed her n helped her.

Shandell... You just suffer through it lol....gotta be tough.

Denise... Bee fearless and they won't bother you.

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