Can the Pokes with the Southland Conference with two losses? The first that that would have to happen is for the Cowboys to win all of the rest of their games. That is a big task. Then there are other teams that will have to lose.



There are currently three teams ahead of McNeese in the conference. We'll look at them individually. Stephen F. Austin is at 1-1 and we play them on the 27th. We win and then we will be tied with them.

Sam Houston State is 2-1 and we play them this Saturday. We win and we are tied.

Central Arkansas is 3-1 and they have already played us, Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston State. The only really tough game they have left is against a surprising Southeastern team.

Southeastern is sitting pretty at 3-0. The only undefeated team in the conference. The good news is that they have yet to play Central Arkansas, Stephen F. Austin or Sam Houston State. We need them to lose to Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston State and defeat Central Arkansas.

I know that is enough to make your head spin. The good news is that if the Cowboys can run the table ... there is hope. These scenarios would result in a tie though and we have already lost to two of the teams we would be tied with. There will certainly be some serious scoreboard watching the rest of the way!