After Hurricanes Laura and Delta, the office of the Water Division was also damaged heavily. This loss meant crucial meter reading tools were lost or destroyed. The storms also caused major leaks at homes all across the Lake Charles area, resulting in higher than normal usage. A statement from the Water Division released today stated over 33,000 meters have now been read, and the usage was obviously higher than average.

The ice storm we experienced also wreaked havoc on our water system. Frozen pipes breaking and then thawing resulted in a major increase in usage at residential meters. As the readers circulate the area, if the average usage for that meter is higher than normal, the city says your account will automatically be credited. There is no need for the resident to call and request it. However, if you feel the bill you received is still higher than normal, you can call 337-491-1307.

As of March 2020, the City of Lake Charles Water Division implemented no late fees being charged on bills. That is still the case as of today, and will remain in place for the foreseeable future, as the statement reads. Also in December 2020, Mayor Nic Hunter introduced a Water Bill Relief Fund for water customers. If you need assistance from this fund, you may apply by calling 337-439-7436.

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