Ok, they're not actually being manufactured, but this could just be the push that the company needs. The YouTube page, Unnecessary Inventions, spends its time coming up with random inventions that we don't really need, but after they're built, we suddenly do.

Tapping multiple professional 3D printer outlets, they found a company that would be able to 3D print the correct material to actually make the idea of Croc gloves. Why did they do it? Well, the name of the page should say it all, plus they already make Croc everything else.

The result? Well, they're flexible, fingerless, and have the strap we all know and love. Could they be functional? Perhaps. The video does give examples of using an outdoor grill, gardening, or just lounging around using a cell phone. Whatever you do, if you own a pair of these, you'll more than likely be doing it single and alone for the rest of your life.