Yesterday I talked about it on my show.  Everyone has That Friend that does crazy things that makes you belly laugh.

Well I definitely have one of those.  So let me set the scene for you!  My buddy, we will call him Mr. R, has a very nice home.  I mean it is the type of home you would see at like a place who builds homes.

It looks like a staged home with not one spec of dirt or random papers and stuff piled up anywhere.  The back patio is the highlight of his home.

It's a 20x40 patio with a cover complete with televisions, outdoor kitchen, hot tub, fireplace and a table and chairs with carpet on the floors.

Well last Saturday, a bunch of us got together for the LSU/Florida game to cook and watch the game.  Well during halftime, we all got up to make us a plate of finger foods we had cooked.

Mr R Vacuuming
Mr R Vacuuming

We had boudin and grilled Rabideauxs sausage along with chips and dips while we waiting for the brisket we were cooking to finish.  While people were sitting around eating and visiting, Mr. R walked outside and started vacuuming the carpet with his beer in tow!

I guess he thought it was the unique time to do some chores or was worried that one grain of rice had fell from someones boudin onto the floor and he needed to get it quickly!  LOL.  Here is the video to prove it.

Yep I have one of those friends.  He is one of my best friends and his crazy antics make me laugh!

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