The Super Bowl or, as some people call it, The Big Game is coming up on Sunday, February 7. Even though the teams have not been set for the game, people are already planning their Super Bowl get-togethers and the food they will bring to the party.

In other states, the traditional foods served and brought to a Super Bowl party are wings, chips and dips, and pizza. However, in Louisiana, we put our own little spin on the foods we cook, serve, or bring to a Louisiana Super Bowl party.

First, no matter if the Saints are in the big game or not, Louisiana folks will still don their black and gold t-shirt or Saints jersey to show support for their home state team.

Then, get ready to have enough room for at least five ice chests filled with cold beer or liquor of your guests' choice because you can't watch any sporting event in Louisiana without some beer and spirits.

Next comes the food. Some will stay with the traditional items, but in Louisiana we bring foods native to our area. Here are some of the foods you will definitely see at a real Cajun's get-together for any sporting event.

Louisiana Foods For Game Day

Let's all hope the Saints make it all the way this year. They only need to win two games this season to land in the big game. First up is the game against Tampa Bay this Sunday in the divisional round.

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