Yesterday morning, I get a call from Jamaica. Now, I don't know anyone from Jamaica, but I was drinking coffee and figured, why not?

I answer and "Michael" from PCH (Publisher's Clearing House), butchers my name and says I was picked to be the second place winner for Publisher's Clearing House's prize of $1.8 Million AND a Mercedes.

Instantly after hearing my prize, realizing I had nothing better to do at that time, and knowing this was a scam, I decided to play along and find the catch to this pipe dream.

Michael, you have no idea how much I need this prize, please tell me more.

Michael was my "PCH Rep" and began to tell me how I was being blessed by God himself (easy Mike, one of us is going to get struck down faster than the other). I was told to write down all of the information he was giving me, because the delivery team was leaving DeRidder, LA, and was headed directly to my house in 45 min. I was to get dressed immediately and head to Walgreens to "register" for my prize.

Why Walgreens? Well, I needed to register and pay for the taxes on the $1.8 Million dollars. How much? The taxes in Michael's world on $1.8 Million dollars was simply $235.31. I was instructed to NOT tell any one about my prize inside of Walgreens "for fear of being mobbed".

Go inside, tell the attendant you need an Amazon gift card for the price we discussed.

I promised Michael I would not divulge any information of the sort, course I also promised him I was actually at Walgreens.

Yes mam, I need an Amazon gift card because I won $1.8 Million dollars from Publisher's Clearing House!

Dear Reader, I have been scolded before by my parents. Michael must have talked to my mother because he proceeded to tell me how stupid I was for saying that and that no one will leave me alone now.

Here's where the scam comes in. I told him I had the gift card in my hand and was heading home to be able to receive my giant check and White Mercedes. Michael told me to immediately stop my vehicle and read him the numbers and pin on the gift card so he could process the card for the taxes. This is when I had enough. I told him that I was aware of the scam, and just wanted to waste his time so he wouldn't have a chance to move on to someone that might actually fall for it.

I can see easily how someone could fall for this sort of scam, if they aren't aware of how these things work. Please tell your relatives, your parents, maw maws, paw paws about this sort of scam. The man (besides a horrible accent), was very passionate and convincing in his pitch. He even tried to berate me at the end for wasting his precious time. I laughed at him and said "Next time, Mikey, don't call a radio DJ. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year".

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