Granger Smith built his career through a long series of indie releases before signing with Wheelhouse Records to release his new album, Remington, and he reached back into the vault for a bonus track titled "5 More Minutes."

"One of the ideas that we had was to go back into some of my older songs to pull some of these songs into this record, to kind of connect the old fans to the new fans, and the new music to the old, and vice versa," he explains in the video above, which is the last in a series of exclusive videos for Taste of Country.

Some of the people at Wheelhouse came across "5 More Minutes," which is seven years old. The older video featured guest appearances from many of Smith's family and friends, so it's a special song to him.

"People at the record label found it, [and] they said, 'Oh my gosh, this has to go on the record," Smith shares. "They were adamant that '5 More Minutes' is a special song. It's a little difficult for me, because the song is about me losing my granddad, but then making up that time with my dad. Since then, I lost my dad. Ultimately I'm glad they talked me into it, and I think it helps round out the album."

The passing of Smith's father inspired a very personal ballad called “Tractor," another song from Remington. The album also features his chart-topping hit “Backroad Song,” as well as a patriotic new Earl Dibbles Jr. song called “Merica.”

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