Mondays, right? I have done a lot of random things in a vehicle. I have successfully hit the only telephone pole in a parking lot, sober. I have run off into a ditch that I have been dodging for years and years. I have even walked around a vehicle I was about to drive, told myself to watch out for an obstacle, and hit it anyway.

Courtesy, Sarah Harrison
Courtesy, Sarah Harrison

This mail carrier is having the definition of a Monday. There really is no context as to what happened, but we can just about tell they should have zigged before zagging out of that parking lot. I could never be a mail carrier, I don't like to sweat, freeze, or walk around in wet shoes. Then I have to drive around a small oven on wheels. I could rock the uniform with the shorts and long socks, I believe.

It would appear no one got hurt, except for a little bit of pride. Guess someone will have to wait that extra day for their TikTok leggings.


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