Each year, the College World Series is held in Omaha, Nebraska. The games typically get started WELL before the actual games on the field are set to begin. Right across the street from Charles Schwab Field, there is a local pizza joint called Rocco's Pizza & Cantina. A few years ago, the owners came up with a GENIOUS marketing idea, a College World Series SHOT CHALLENGE.

HOW IT WORKS: Each year, every school that makes the College World Series is put up on a whiteboard. For every Jello-O Shot that is purchased, you tell the bartenders to who to add the tally, and your shot counts towards your team. The school that purchases the most Jello-O shots throughout the College World Series WINS.

Twitter/CWS Jello Shot Challenge
Twitter/CWS Jello Shot Challenge

In previous years, the shots cost $4.50 each. This year, Rocco's has announced that they would be upping the price of the Jell-O shots to $5.Instead of only rewarding the winning schools, the owner wanted all of the schools to receive some of the donations. Rocco's reached out to each of the eight teams in the field to see which food bank they would like to donate their donations to.

With LSU Fans breaking the shot-record AND SOME, PLENTY of money was donated was set to be donated to local food banks. During the two-week event at the College World Series, fans from the eight schools participating bought over 90,000 Jell-O Shots. To no one's surprise, LSU fans bought over 60,000 of the shots.

So, Rocco's recently released they had finished their final tallies and are beginning to send out the donation checks to each school's local food bank. The food bank that is receiving the check is the Food Bank that was chosen by the school.

  • Wake Forest - $7,622
  • TCU - $7,010
  • Florida - $4,136
  • Oral Roberts - $3,323
  • Tennessee - $2,207
  • Virginia - $872
  • Stanford - $912

That totals over $140,000 total that will be donated between the eight schools' local food banks!

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