Texas is known for its food like BBQ, steak, and Mexican-style foods but is not known for this type of food that originates in its neighboring state. All over the country, different states and regions are known for their unique style of food but shockingly, this brand of food is making a real surge in Texas.

The food we are talking about is Cajun food which Louisiana is known for. The bayou state boasts delicious Cajun-style dishes like gumbo, jambalaya, etouffee, meat rice and gravy, and a Couvillion. Most of these dishes were learned to be cooked at home and people have taken these recipes from their ancestors to feed their families for hundreds of years and also have opened up great authentic Louisiana restaurants.

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Now we all know that Louisiana is also known for its seafood. Hot Boiled Crawfish, grilled fried or boiled shrimp, and also fresh oysters and fish. These are all staples of the Louisiana culture and are served weekly at home and in our Louisiana Cajun restaurants.

Cajuns are very protective of their cooking, their recipes, and the history and culture of their food so with that being said, there are a ton of Cajun-style restaurants there are in the state of Texas.

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Now some Louisiana Cajuns have made the move to Texas and could have taken their recipes and opened up a restaurant in the Lonestar state. Those are most likely the credible ones.

But we were shocked that when we looked into it, there are over 100 Cajun or Creole Restaurants in Texas according to Yelp.com. They even ranked the top 100 Cajun or Creole restaurants in Texas.  Check it out.

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