When it comes to interesting food combinations, I fill that my syrup-banana sandwich absolutely rocks! Do not knock it if you haven't attempted to eat something so crazy! My father is a fan of cracklins cereal. You guessed it! Bowl... plus cracklins... plus milk. Yum, right?

Um, let me get back to you on THAT one.

Your turn.

Carolyn... Mustard on my beans!

Korrine... Bbq sandwich w/coleslaw and french frys & baked beans!

Melissa...BBQ chips on my ham and cheese sandwich.

Jewell... Steen's syrup on my ham and cheese sandwiches!

Christian... Ketchup on my macaroni.

Laura... Ketchup on my mashed potatoes.

Haley... Tony's on my popcorn.

Britni... Tony's on my Sour Cream!

Monica... Chocolate on my orange slices.

Rebecca... Ranch on my pizza.

Lisa... Tabasco on my everything.

Donna... Plain Lays chips on my pulled pork sandwiches.

Ginnie... Marshmallow Fluff and banana on my peanut butter sandwich!

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