Everyone just thinks, including myself, that when October hits it should automatically get cold. Wake up Billy Joe of Greenday, maybe he was the one in charge of it. Circulating around Facebook are all the talks of a cold front coming soon. How long will we have to actually wait?

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Before we continue, know that I am not a weather man. I just decided to dig around and see what actual weather people have to say about the cooler weather in our future.

First up, Ben Terry from KPLC. Now, I am more of a Wade Hampton man myself, but Ben wrote an article on the impending cooler weather, so we will go with him. Also, I'm kidding, Ben. You know I love you. Also, I am just assuming they are reading this article, we all know they aren't going to. Back on task. Benjamin claims that we will see more of the same weather we have been used to over the next few days, but by Monday-ish, we will see some showers followed by a low of 65 degrees. I almost fell out of my chair. The highs for next week will barely get into the 80s! I can hear the gumbo pots already clanging around from here.

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Don't worry, Texas. I didn't forget about you. 12News has Jeff Gerber. Never met Jeff, but his name is shared with a baby food producer, Waylon said for babies not to be cowboys, that's a Country song, and I like Country. Therefore, Jeff is good people. Jeffery explains SETX is having abnormally high temperatures for this time of year, duh, but agrees with Ben that we will see a cool front pass on through to us by Monday of next week. I do have to recognize that they are calling it a "Canadian" cold front. I personally don't care where it comes from. I just want cooler weather.

Chicken And Sausage Gumbo (Photo Provided By Mike Soileau TSM)

So to give you my Buddy Russ Gumbo Forecast, I say warm the pots up on Monday and start making a roux!