There are a few things I look forward to during the year. Crawfish season, Mardi Gras, music festivals, and the list goes on and on. One "event" I look forward to each year is when one of the best snow cone places in Lake Charles opens up. What is this place, you might ask? Mr. Snow on Mcneese Street. Each year as the weather begins to warm up, I refresh my phone like I'm waiting for an eBay item to end. Suddenly, this weekend, there it was. Mr. Snow is open!

mr snow 3

Located at 661 E. Mcneese St in Lake Charles, Mr. Snow isn't just a normal snow cone stand. They take it up quite a few notches. From your normal snow cones, to adding gummy candies, to even cheesecake, and ice cream, this place keeps reinventing the snow cone as we know it.

mr snow 6

Gone are the days of, "Let me get a blue with a yellow stripe." Now, you can enjoy a Pina Colada snow cone, served in a pineapple! Don't eat snow cones? Don't worry,my un-American reader, they can help you out too. Nachos, Cotton Candy, and even fresh Paninis are on the menu.

mr snow 5

Open 7 days a week from 12-7, Mr. Snow will surely tempt your taste buds and keep you going back for more!

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