Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas country music artist Johnny Jimenez came to Lake Charles last week to perform on Thursday night and had a little surprise for everyone.

As you all know, Our Buddy Russ Conrad passed away a little over a week ago from bone cancer. His Funeral was Last Tuesday, April 4th. Johhny and Russ were extremely close and the loss of Russ hit Johnny and all of us really hard. It was an extremely difficult week for all of his friends.

Fast forward, Johnny and his band were set to perform at the Golden Nugget inside the Blue Martini last Thursday, April 6th. He announced the show on social media and told all that attended that they would be treated to a tribute to Our Buddy Russ. The Blue Martini was packed with fans of Jonhhy and his band and a bunch of friends and fans of Our Buddy Russ.

Photo by Mike Soileau TSM
Photo by Mike Soileau TSM

Johnny and the band took the stage and that is when we all saw the surprise and tribute to Russ. It was sitting right there on the kick drum of Aaron Canfield's drums. It was the logo that Buddy Russ used for himself. It was so awesome to see that on the drum.

What a terrific way to pay tribute to Russ. He had such an impact on the musicians, friends, and fans and that is why the Martini was packed for the tribute. Johnny even played Russ's favorite country song. Trashy Women by Confederate Railroad. (Only Russ LOL).

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