Kane Brown, when not getting lost in the woods, has been teasing fans for months about a new album coming. In the midst of releasing the new album, Brown decided to release an EP to get things rolling. The EP has the typical New Country sound to it as expected from Brown's camp. Then you get to this one track that makes you double check that you're still listening to the same guy.

The song is titled BFE and seems a bit ironic due to his recent Dora the Explorer moment he had just a few weeks ago. This song isn't just kinda '90s. It feels like it was copied and pasted straight out of the heart of the era many of us grew up in. The lead guitar sounds like Chatahoochie, the snare-driven rhythm sounds like a Vince Gill Texas shuffle, and the lyrics are super cheesy. Mix those together, and Brown just might have the most '90s country song next to Luke Combs' 1,2, Many.

What makes this song stand out the most is that it sounds nothing like anything Kane Brown would ever sing. It doesn't feature any of his runs or country-crooner style deep voice. It just seems to be a fun song talking about enjoying life in BFE, no matter where your version of BFE is. I have to be honest, I am not a huge fan of his music. However, as I type this article, I am on my sixth round of listening to it. Give it a listen for yourself!

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