Described to blend country and rock together, sprinkled with outlaw country, and even grunge, Koe Wetzel has made his way into a cult country music following. The lyrics to his music are not for the faint of heart, and almost all of his songs contain explicit words.

Wetzel blew up really big this past year as TikTok fans made videos based on his song "February 28, 2016". The song refers to being drunk, intoxicated in public, and at a Taco Bell. Most of the TikTok videos replicated that exact line and Wetzel went even more viral. In 2019, Wetzel was hired to perform at a balloon festival in Texas. He was asked to self-edit his music as it was more of a family-style event. Wetzel, of course, didn't and bragged on the fact that the festival broke the record for attendance that year.

Now, you can see the man for yourself as he routes his way through Texas and Louisiana towards the end of the year. On November 3 he will be in Beaumont, Texas, followed by Baton Rouge the next night on November 4. Tickets are on sale now through Ticketmaster. I can assume as he gets more and more popular through the year, the tickets won't last long as we get to the concert dates.


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