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I only met Danny McCormick, the Louisiana Representative from Oil City, a few years ago, but I knew I immediately liked him and he just keeps proving that my intuition about him was right.

Of course, he's made his presence known in the Louisiana House of Representatives as a conservative Christian and as an advocate for gun rights and once again he's going to bat for those gun rights.

In a story originally posted by the Louisiana Radio Network, we learn that he's now introduced legislation that would allow Louisianans to carry a concealed handgun on their person without needing a concealed carry permit.

The process for obtaining the "Conceal Carry Permit" now requires citizens to take a nine-hour course and pay a 125 dollar fee for a five-year license or 500 dollars for a lifetime license. McCormick said that mandate infringes on constitutional rights.

McCormick says, “I have always trusted rights to the individual and not to the Government.” “I think that we as a nation are a republic and in a republic, the rights belong to the individual and not the government.”

Of course there are the proponents of the license that have the compelling argument that the course provides gun owners with gun safety training, and McCormick is inclined to agree with the training, but not with the permit mandate.

“I think people should be responsible for their own training processes and I don’t think the dysfunctional government requiring training helps anything,” said McCormick.

McCormick goes on to say “Our rights are given to us by God and preserved in the constitution and the government didn’t have any right to take that right away from us to begin with.”

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