Lagniappe Magazine has been in SWLA for almost 40 years. Each year it opens up the polls and asks SWLA what some of their favorite things are in the area. You can vote on your favorite place to eat, shop, get breakfast, and even your favorite boudin place. 

attachment-Gator Best of Mike

Now, I am not here to tell you who to vote for. You can vote for whomever you so wish. I will say that the voting section is four pages long. You do NOT have to fill out each and every single line, but just a few here and there. I WILL ask you to make sure you look carefully at page 4 towards the bottom.

On page four is a section of a few categories that perhaps are near and dear to our hearts here at Gator 99.5: Best Radio Show, Best Radio Station, Best Radio DJ, and maybe Best Media Personality if you're feeling frisky.

attachment-Gator Best of 1

Gator has been your favorite Radio station for quite a few years. We would like to keep it that way yet again another year. I know Mike and Chad would love to make the best radio show, but don't forget Buddy Russ has a show too! Also, Mike Soileau has made Best Radio DJ quite a few years in a row. I know he would like to keep it, but I would also like to beat him just one year, one day.

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Vote as you please for all of your favorites. You only need to fill out 20 categories for your vote to count, so maybe the last few will be about Radio! Only one vote is allowed per email, and you have until November 14 to vote. They will announce the winners in the December edition of Lagniappe Magazine, and we hope you get to see our faces when you open up and read one!

I will just put the link right HERE one more time in case you don't want to scroll back up to go and vote!


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