Who even knew there was a DeLorean in Lake Charles? Apparently Lake Charles native William Palmer did, because he owns one. Just, not for long it seems. In his add on the selling group "Moss Bluff Buy, Sell, Trade, Headquarters, Palmer talks about how his wife is making him get rid of his toys and therefore must sell his 1981 DMC-12 ALL ORIGIONAL DeLorean. It is not just a rarity to see these cars, this car was number 36 off of the assembly line out of roughly 9000 produced. 1981 was also the first year the DMC-12 was made (also the only model every produced by DeLorean).

According to Kelly Blue Book, the car is worth around $25,000 with low miles and being super clean. Palmer is only asking $16,500 for his big kid toy. Give him a shout if you are a buyer, and come by the station and take me for a ride (as long as we don't get up to 88 MPH)!

deloron body


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