I like perusing the Facebook Marketplace. You never know what you might find in there. I have found some neat retro lamps, various collectible microphones, and some parts for my old Jeep for super cheap. I even bought my current project Jeep from the marketplace. It's a useful little tool, but it can also bring out some extremely weird items you didn't know you needed until you saw it.

Facebook, Verret Motorsports

This little item was one of those things where I stopped, re-read the line, and just had to click on it and see what it was all about. It had the typical description to begin with.

It's not perfect. AC Works, 48k miles, brand new tires.

Okay, I can see it's not perfect but at $1,500, I could still be a buyer assuming I needed a limo. The ad mentioned it does overheat randomly, but worse things could happen, I suppose. Then there is one little line that grabbed me quickly as the seller seemed to skip right over it.

Real bullet holes and roof leaks...

Um, excuse me what? Real bullet holes? This limo knows how to party. I started to look in the comments because I just knew someone had the same question I had. How does a limo get bullet holes? We've had the Luxury Limo Buddy Russ Bus for two years now, bullet hole free. Sure enough, I found the story.

Facebook, Verret Motorsports

According to a prior owner, the limo was sold to someone previously. It was involved in a drive-by shooting somewhere and even made the news. The new owner had failed to register the car in his name, so when it was impounded, it was returned to the previous owner. It was sold again, with fresh bullet holes, then sold to the current owner and seller, John Verret of Verret Motorsports.

Facebook, Verret Motorsports

Now, you can own a piece of history with your very own bullet-holed, drive-by, over-heating limousine for only $1,500! At least if the AC goes out, maybe the bullet holes will provide some ventilation.

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