The skyline of Lake Charles is vastly different after two hurricanes. The main focus of the downtown area are the plywood-clad windows of the Capital One Building. Depending on your generation, the building has had quite a few names in the past. For this, we will just call it the Capital One Building. I personally still call it the CM Tower.

The building has given of itself after local artists began to salvage its broken iconic green glass windows to help with hurricane relief efforts by turning the shards into jewelry. It was the focus of many journalists as Hurricane Laura slammed into our area, with videos showing the windows blowing out with each gust of wind.

The question looming seems to be about when the building will start to be repaired and brought back to its glory. Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter took to his Facebook page over the weekend and commented on the rebuilding process of the tower. He has spoken to the owners of the building and they reassured Hunter that it is insured and will be repaired.

They also commented that the damage done to the structure was more than any other building the owners owned during Hurricane Rita. Hunter pushed the elephant in the room as to when the building will be rebuilt and restored. The owners assure him they are waiting on insurance processes to move forward, but the building will indeed be restored.

At this point, it fees like one of those money raising thermometers we see at work or in school. The closer we get to being restored in Lake Charles, we just keep taking more sheets of plywood off of the building.

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