Here at the radio station we are proud to be your choice to hear your favorite song. Besides providing what we hope will be a lift to your day and some good information to keep your family safe while saving you time and money. We are also obligated to let you know that your good health is a direct result of hearing your favorite song on this radio station.

I know it sounds like we are bragging but science is behind us on this fact. There are three basic health benefits to hearing your favorite song. Each one of these benefits could not only help you live a longer and healthier life. It will also add to your personal happiness. And all you thought we did was give away t-shirts and make stupid jokes.

Here are the three scientifically proven benefits of hearing your favorite song on your favorite radio station.

It Lowers Your Blood Pressure: Researchers in Italy found that by listening to music you enjoy for just a few minutes a day could actually make your blood pressure lower. In fact the research indicated that your systolic or top number on your blood pressure reading could be lowered by as much as four points after just 30 minutes of listening to music you like.

It Makes You Less Tense: While you might be inclined to think that this goes hand in hand with lower blood pressure there is an added benefit that goes beyond your blood pressure. Stress produces a hormone in our bodies known as cortisol. Listening to just a few minutes of your favorite music every day lowers this cortisol level in your bloodstream. By the way, a lower cortisol level can also aid you in losing weight.

It Helps You Deal With Pain: This was proven in a study done at the University of Utah. Participants in the study were hooked to an electric shock machine and asked to rate their pain. They were then subjected to the same electric shock but this time while listening to their favorite music. The perception of pain while listening to music was dramatically lower while the tunes were playing.

Let's be honest, we didn't know we were doing all this for you either. We're just glad you lend us an ear everyday. We're even prouder that you tell your friends and family to tune us in too. Remember we aren't doctors so take our advice with a grain of salt and no matter what you think of our mental condition you'll never need a prescription to enjoy your favorite song here.

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