The rumors are always in our thoughts. We hear there might be one in Sulphur one day, then Moss Bluff the next. We see a new building go up, the rumors start up again. A restaurant goes out of business, and we begin to hope and pray for that orange and white sign to go up.

Last year, a strong rumor circulated in local Facebook groups about a Whataburger being built in the Moss Bluff area. A few people took it upon themselves to reach out on a corporate level and contact them. The result? Not what we wanted, but we finally had closure. That was until Developing Lake Charles got involved. The blog-site is centered around anything Lake Charles and seems to have a decent grasp on what is coming to the area, and any changes going on.

Whataburger (Google Maps)
Whataburger (Google Maps)

According to their post on January 18, To Be or Not to Be? A Whataburger in Lake Charlesthey actually reached out, and made contact with Brandon. Brandon, they say, is from the Whataburger corporate real estate office. Developing LC talked with him about any news on the orange and white striped heaven coming to the area. Sadly, the answer was no. As they continued to talk, there was mention of the blog post and the possibility of a petition to have singed to show exactly how interested the area is in having one.

Now, I realize there are many other restaurants we would want in the area (as long as they're not donut shops or more Mexican style restaurants). There are so many other amazing opportunities and options to have come to the area. What struck me as interesting, and humorous, is that we just might see a petition for a Whataburger to come to Lake Charles.

Take a look at the article on their page, it talks about the conversation between Brandon and the Blogger, then gives the history of Whataburger. If there was a petition made, you know I'd be first in line to sign up!

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