We've been getting some great looks at the new 'Lone Ranger' film starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer, but here's the first official 'Lone Ranger' poster to sufficiently keep you wanting more until the film's release... sometime next year.

'The Lone Ranger' has had quite a bumpy road on its way to completion -- most notably, the budget delay that kept the film's existence in limbo for quite a while. But we're happy to report that director Gore Verbinski is chugging right along and we'll be able to join the Lone Ranger and his pal Tonto for an awesome adventure in 2013. We recently posted some photos from the film, but now we have our first legit poster courtesy of Empire Online, and it's a pretty cool little teaser featuring the eyes of Tonto (Johnny Depp) peering out of a black painted bird.

The film also stars Armie Hammer (fun fact: his full name is Armond Hammer and he's the heir to the Arm & Hammer company -- yes, really) as the titular Lone Ranger in this new Disney feature based on the old television and radio shows. Lone Ranger's real name is John Reid, a former Texas Ranger who puts on a mask and fights for all things good and right with his Native American sidekick Tonto. And they have horses!


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