The Louisiana Culture Fest will be at the Lake Charles Civic Center on October 20. This year's festival will focus on Louisiana and its SWLA Creole Heritage. Louisiana Culture Fest focuses on music and the culture surrounding it. Showing that although the instruments and music might sound different from culture to culture, they are all based on the same principles. Many countries are represented during the festival, with performances from over the entire world.

This year, featuring Creole heritage, will feature Louisiana's own Brandon Ledet and Creole Touch to represent SWLA Creole. There will also be a performance from Lake Charles natives, and father/son duo, Chester and Jairus Daigle.

Other performances will include Flamenco Dancing, Irish Dancers, Koel Sen Baksi School of Classical Dance, and bands from all over the world.

The event is free to attend and all families are invited out to enjoy the music and culture from all around the world.

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