Mark this down for things I didn't know exist in Louisiana. Apparently the largest race track in the coutnry is in our very own state of Louisiana. It's called NOLA Motorsports Park. The park seems to be every gearhead's dream come true featuring two international race tracks, three kart tracks, skid pad, speed shop, and a drag strip.

YouTube, NOLA Motorsports
YouTube, NOLA Motorsports

They broke ground on the track in Avondale, Louisiana in 2009 and completed the track in 2011. The property boasts a giant even center capable of holding over 2500 people for special events and parties. They have motorcycle safety classes and you can rent exotic cars to take out on the track such as the Huracan, 458 Italia, and Porsche 911 GT3.

They are open Tuesday through Sunday to take their Karts for a spin on the track with the adult karts able to reach speeds of over 40mph. They have junior karts and even two seater carts to rent. Prices for cart sessions are $30 for a 10 min ride or $75 for three 10 minute rides.

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