Who made this list? Have they even been to Louisiana?

Ok, so technically Louisiana made Thrillist's list of most beautiful states in America, but every state made the list, and we were in the bottom -- number 46 to be exact.

Is this real life? I mean, Oklahoma and Mississippi beat us! How is that possible?

To be fair, Thrillist did give the bayou state a shout out for its fishing, duck hunting, and the air-boat rides, but knocked us for our flat land and less than stellar wetlands and beaches.

Clearly, whoever wrote this didn't drink enough hurricanes before judging Louisiana beaches, because once you have a good buzz going, those murky Louisiana waters are just as great as the white sand beaches in Destin, Florida. Ok, fine, I'm reaching a little, but Louisiana really is a beautiful state. We deserve better than #46, but, hey, at least we weren't in last place like poor Kansas.

Oh yeah, California was named the most beautiful state in America, but you can check out the full list for yourself at thrillist.com.

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