Years and years ago, I met Chris Miller. He was my choir director at Barbe High School. He was a quiet man and an amazing teacher. I kept hearing he was in a band in Lake Charles. Now, I only knew Chris Miller the choir teacher who fussed at me for talking constantly, not the one that was a rock and roll star.

c miller 4

Then I had the pleasure of seeing the band, Louisiana's Kingfish. Shortly after, they came out with an album and I listened to it cover to cover. Holy crap he is a rockstar! I always called him the hardest working man on stage. The entire band is chock-full of amazing musicians with talent that oozes from their fingers and vocal cords.

cmiller 1

A few years later, the band sorta disappeared, and all I had left was their album. Now, they are back and they're playing a reunion show at Panorama this Friday, July 19! They will take the stage at 8:00pm and will for certain bring the house down!

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