It appears that while Luke Combs was sitting around writing hits and posting them on social media, he was also making an all Bluegrass album. We already are aware of Combs' quarantine song, Six Feet Apart., describing how much he misses being on the road, his family, and band.

Now, Combs has tapped into one of my personal favorite Bluegrass players, Billy Strings. Strings is a young up-and-coming Bluegrass player who is just an absolute beast on any instrument he plays. If you have the time, I suggest checking out his song, Dust in a Baggie.

Combs and Strings join together for the song, The Great Divide, which hits home about the global pandemic we are continuing to live through. It talks about how we are so broken apart now in the world, we need to reach and get across this great divide we are living in.

Musically, it is a simple little Bluegrass song, with Combs on vocals as Billy Strings plays the banjo. Toward the middle, Strings cuts loose and shows why Combs tapped him for this song. He just wails on the five string banjo and proves why he is on of the greatest. It was co-written by Combs and Strings in June of 2020, and has now come to fruition.

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