The Lake Charles Mayoral Race has been off to a seemingly smooth start, until Mayoral Candidate Pastor Joe Banks caught a man destroying and stealing his campaign sign.

According to KPLC, Mayoral Candidate Pastor Joe Banks filmed a man stealing one of his campaign signs outside of the Valero gas station on Country Club road. Banks told KPLC that when he approached the man "He said oh I'll put it right back I was like wow that was strange why would you take it down if you were going to put it right back," and then added "Whether it was done personally or politically its sad it's a hurting thing you pay good money these signs can run anywhere between 60 and 80 dollars".

Pastor Joe Banks called his logistics coordinator for his campaign, Antonio Rogers, who then contacted the sheriff. The sign thief has been identified by Banks as Dexter Creel from Sulphur, and while he plans on pressing charges there has been no confirmation on any details regarding the Mayoral Candidate's reports from the Calcasieu parish Sheriff's office.

For more details and to see the video footage of the incident, visit the KPLC website.

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