For the longest time there was this "lone cow" pinned off at the ranch. Earlier this week I found out why!

My family lives in a ranch house out in the country, but the livestock belongs to an uncle. Months ago, a cow was delivered but oddly enough it was placed in a pin by herself. Look now, I am "adjusting" to the country lifestyle out here in Choupique!

Anyway, I just assumed that she was just a cow with a mean streak. I didn't know she was knocked up! Jeez!

Meet Mulder and Scully! (Yes, I am an X-Files Fan!)

I joke about my cow situation today, BUT.... it has not always been peace, love, and harmony at the St. James Ranch in beautiful Choupique, Louisiana.

Remember Moopalooza?

Next week, I just might shoot some video from my spooky tractor graveyard.