People in Southwest Louisiana love their crawfish and will go to great lengths to get them. It's that time of the year when everyone is scooping up the red bugs and having boils at the house or grabbing some for dinner.

A new crawfish drive-thru restaurant has opened up in Lake Charles. It's called S&S Crawfish of Lake Charles and is located at 2604 Lake Street in the city's center. It opened over the weekend and they opened up with a bang!

S&S Crawfish Facebook
S&S Crawfish Facebook

They were serving boiled crawfish and the price was jaw-dropping. They were selling boiled crawfish cooked and ready to eat for only $3.86 a pound. Yeah, you read that right they are selling them for under $4.00 a pound.

That is unheard of in South Louisiana. People were flocking to the new crawfish drive-thru to take advantage of the low crawfish prices.  They have a line of cars and trucks all the way down Lake Street over the weekend.

Someone drove by the new crawfish drive-thru and videoed how long the line was and posted it We lost count of the people in line at around 45 vehicles. Check this out.

Now that is wanting some crawfish huh? According to the S&S Crawfish Facebook page, they sold out on both days. They also boasted on their page that they were selling sacks of live crawfish for only $75.00 a sack washed and graded.

They also went on to say on their page that all of their crawfish are farmed and raised in Louisiana. So if you don't mind waiting in line for an hour or more, try out a new crawfish joint that is locally owned and operated here in Lake Charles.

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