The NFL regular season came to an end yesterday, and the New Orleans Saints finished the regular season with two straight wins over the Vikings and then, yesterday, against the Panthers.

The Saints also swept the NFC South, beating the Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons, and Tampa Bay all twice this season, going undefeated in the division. The Saints finished the regular season at 12-4 and, after the game, they started watching the scoreboards of other games.

Sunday started with the Saints having the #2 seed in the playoffs, but they wanted to secure the #1 seed. To do that, they would have to win their game, which they did, but they also needed some help from other teams.

Wild Card Round - Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints
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New Orleans needed the Bears to beat the Packers and for Seattle to beat the 49ers. Seattle did their job, beating the 49ers 26-23, but the Packers beat the Bears 35-16, which secured the #1 seed to the Packers and left the Saints with the #2 seed.

Usually, the #1 and #2 seeds get a first round bye, but not this season. Only the #1 seed does, which not only gives them a first round bye but also gives them home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Now you know why the Saints wanted that spot.

Instead, as the #2 seed, New Orleans will play in the wild card round this upcoming weekend. They will face off against the Chicago Bears on Sunday afternoon. The game will be in the Superdome in New Orleans and kicks off at 3:40pm on CBS.

If you can't be by a television, you can listen to the game on Gator 99.5, starting with the pregame starting at 1:00pm.

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