I am in a ton of Facebook groups, as I'm sure you are too. One of those groups, I won't mention it, seems to have heard a rumor that the old Peppers Tex Mex place could be making a come back! Where you might ask? The old Coyote Blues restaurant that closed down a few months ago.

Frozen Margarita, Lime, Isolated

Now, don't get all excited and run out the door to wait in line for it to open. It's simply a rumor, but boy oh boy would it be great if it were true!

Peppers used to be on Prien Lake Road in Lake Charles. One very sad day, it burned and was closed forever. Their margaritas were magnificent. They had nightly entertainment, and it seemed like you knew everyone as soon as you walked in the door.

Texmex Tortillas
Alexander Shalamov

If this rumor is true, I can guarantee I will reserve a spot at the Cantina permanently.

Have you head this rumor? Do you know of any more places coming?


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