Do you remember calling your local radio station on a Friday night, and dedicating a love song to your one and only true love?

There was a time in my life where I would call up the local night jock and request the special song so dear to my heart. Then I would call again to see when it was coming up... and again...and again..

Yes, I was lucky if I had ANY request played! Hey, I was in love! My girl HAD to her that song. And when I got my heart broken, I know I was a pain in the patootie.

Here's what some of our Gator listeners had to say.

Monica Schexnider... Some of us called in to flirt with the DJ's. LOL

Crystal Daigle Brown... I was kinda young/not into guys at the time but I would call in to request my favorite songs so that I could be sure to hear them when I went to bed on the top however many requested song of the evening they would do a count down...LOL

Stacey Marshall... My boyfriend in high school at silsbee dedicated the thunder rolls to me because he said I had big thighs lol I was a size 3 meanie

Diana Estes Warner... Not a dedication but our phone # was close to a station's # and my dad took a kid's dedication request and told the kid to listen because he would be playing it later!

Donna Nunez... When I was in high school, my boyfriend and I just broken up and I dedicated "Heres a Quarter call someone who cares" and blasted his name on the radio for all to hear and he was soooo mad but we have been married for 18yrs now. Still til this day I have to laugh about it.

Pearl Fruge Vice... Man, that was years ago. But yep remember all the Friday nights me and my bestie would call in to have that special song play for that special guy, and in the end that special guy turn out to be not so special smile emoticon but good memories

Vanessa Delome Davis... Yes! But sorry...not incriminating myself after all these years!!!


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