If you are a native of Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana then you will remember when Kroger's grocery store was located on 12th street in Central Lake Charles. It was located between Kirkman and Common Streets on 12th Street in Lake Charles and the building is huge and still stands today at the location.

It has been abandoned for a few years now as Kroger's closed that location down and they also closed down Kroger's location located on Highway 14 too. The only Kroger location currently in Lake Charles is now located on the corner of Nelson and Country Club Road in South Lake Charles.

Have you ever wondered what the inside of the building looks like now? We found a video on Youtube from a user named Mall Walking who goes around and takes video tours inside old abandoned buildings.

Let's take a tour of what the inside of the old Kroger's on 12th Street in Lake Charles looks like now.

If you were a frequent visitor to that Kroger's location on 12th Street in Lake Charles then it had to be weird to see what the inside of it looks like now huh?

We don't know if you remember that a while back we did a story about the KMart that was located on Ryan Street in South lake Charles and showed you the video of what that looked like inside as well.  Want to see what the inside of the old Kmart looks like?  Click here.

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