Over the weekend, Facebook lit up in the area of Sulphur about light beams scanning across the sky. People started asking where they were coming from, what were they, and why were there so many. The answer? It was a birthday party.

marvin 2

Introducing Marvin Simon, with Deep South Productions. His son, Hadly, was having his tenth birthday party at their home, and Marvin wanted to make it as memorable as possible. So, he and his team brought out some of their waterproof concert lights and cranked them up. The lights scanned across the night sky back and forth, as others lit the backyard and outside of the Simon home. The kids loved it, big and small, as they all ran around, playing in the pool and the water slide.

marvin 7

The adults in the area? Perhaps not. The questions came in on Facebook, asking what was going on. Some said aliens and one even complained that the lights were scaring her dogs (yeah, you read that correctly). A few comments later, Simon commented:

It's a Birthday Party!

marvin 10

That's one heck of a way to celebrate a tenth birthday, and I personally look forward to seeing what happens when the boy turns twenty. Simon tells me that if anyone wants to have the same style of setup for their birthday party, whether it be at their house or a venue, Deep South Productions can make it happen for them with just a phone call.

marvin 8

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