Tonight brings the end of an era. Skate City in Lake Charles announced on their Facebook page that they will be closed as of November 1. It's not a huge surprise for most that have been following along since they announced they were closing. The end of an era it seems full of memories and broken bones.

Babilonia And Gardner
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If you want to live that memory one last time, they are hosting an Adult Skate Night for 18 and up. It will be tonight (October 18) and it's BYOB (but no ice chests). $10 bucks will get you in the door, but the time traveling is free as you walk in the door. Since it's Halloween season, they are saying to dress up in your Halloween attire (not required) and enjoy a night of skating from 6pm-10pm tonight. This is your last chance to relive those years of spending your last few dollars on glow sticks for your skates instead of nachos (been there done that).

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