Why would my wife be sitting in Juneau, Alaska at the moment? Because her job is cool! That's why! Sense jealousy?

Julie works with ERA Helicopters in Lake Charles. She's the Operational Control Specialist, meaning she's over the dispatchers here. ERA owns several properties in the country. One being in Juneau, Alaska, USA!

Long story short, Julie and several coworkers had to fly up there on business, and when she's not working, my wife likes to send me pictures of her whereabouts and discoveries and rub it in my face. She's mean like that.

Okay, okay! Not the case! I admit it, I am a tad bit jealous.

Southwest Louisiana is actually three hours ahead of here, but it never gets dark up there. She informed me that it's always daylight in Juneau. I asked her about the "sleep situation" and she did tell me that there are black blinds you can pull over the the windows. Crazy, huh?

She returns on Thursday from Alaska. I am sure family and friends have their questions ready for her when they run into her.