Spoke to a man today who told me that the worst pain in the world is a broken heart. He shared with me that his had been broken for a while. His was a heart that was ripped into and put back together with threads made of rage and anger.

He then shared that he himself had changed as a person.

The man then told me that with this unbearable pain in control, the most important things in his life was damaged forever. Especially his family.

Today, the threads have long sinced cooled off, yet this broken man tells me that there are days he wished he could go back in time to take back words said. He would go on to share that there are even days he struggles to even get out of bed due to a sense of defeat.

So I told the man that it does come down to a simply choice. Life is all about the choices you make now. And maybe... maybe with the right choices, mindset, and even prayer... you'll get thru this.

The man actually started to smile at me before he walked away.



The man was in the mirror.


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