Southwest Louisiana voters showed up to the polls in record numbers yesterday to perform their greatest civic duty: voting.

On June 11 of this year, Governor Edwards signed a bill that would allow a parish-by-parish vote on whether or not they wanted sports wagering to be allowed in their given parish.

The proposition passed in all SWLA parishes:

  • Allen - 56% Yes, 44% No
  • Beauregard - 52% Yes, 48% No
  • Calcasieu - 61% Yes, 39% No
  • Cameron - 61% Yes, 39% No
  • Jefferson Davis - 56% Yes, 44% No
  • Vernon - 53% Yes, 47% No

Now, the lawmakers of these parishes are tasked with making regulations for the sports wagers in their parishes. In total, 55 out of 64 parishes in Louisiana voted yes to allow sports betting in their parish.

It was also a national voting issue, with 19 states approving sports wagering in their state on election Tuesday.

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