They're calling themselves the "Crazy Cajun Cousins". The Sonnier family has submitted their try out video for the Family Feud that is hosting auditions in New Orleans for their national show.

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Feud holding auditions in New Orleans, and the article went crazy with people tagging family members to go and try out. You had to submit and application for an audition, or send in a video of your team for the "Feud" to look over. It seems the "Crazy Cajun Cousins" have picked to make a video to submit.

Crazy Cajun Cousins YouTube 3

In the video, they play their own Louisiana version of Family Feud with SWLA flair. They ask questions about Mardi Gras, Parades, Food, and a whole lot more. It's really entertaining and super cute. Hopefully, if they get the chance to go on the show, they'll stop by the studio for a pre-show interview! We wish these ladies the best of luck on getting the chance to go on the show and represent Louisiana!

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